Apex Legends Will Add a Halloween Event: New Content Leaked

Apex Legends’ players seem always to have a lot to look forward to on days where the praised game gets updated. And while patches like the latest Aftermarket event and crossplay update, released today (October 7), are important for the community, they’re also special events for dataminers. 

Using the recent update, dataminers spotted new Apex Legends skins. The content is certainly coinciding with the game’s upcoming Halloween themed event. Here is what you need to know.

Halloween Event, New Features, and Content: What to Expect


Popular dataminer, Shurgtal, shared on his Twitter page new Halloween skins that will likely be introduced in an update for Apex Legends on October 22. 

The skins resemble a lot the ones that we saw last year, but with new color options. And a notable exception is the Banshee Queen Loba skin, as she wasn’t introduced to Apex Legends until the past May.

Shadow Royale Mode

Along with these skins, we can also look forward to a new LTM dubbed Shadow Royale. According to another reliable dataminer, Biast12, the upcoming Shadow Royale Mode will resemble the previous Shadowfall mode, but with a few changes. Rather than the mode being Shadow vs. alive players, it will be more like a regular match of Apex Legends, but with players returning as Shadows. 

The players will also be able to help their alive teammates win the match. Shadows will also be updated to a more dynamic ability set, like regenerating the health status. 

New Legend

A new legend called Horizon was also spotted within the patch by Biast12. Unfortunately, no details are currently known about Horizon’s skills. 

Apex Legends, one of the most praised games so far, was launched for PS4, Xbox One, and PC users. A Switch variant is currently in development. Stay tuned for more information to be released in the coming weeks!

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