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App Issues Could Hurt Huawei In The Long Run

Recent financial data names Huawei as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, according to shipments, as the Chinese giant has managed to beat Samsung during Q2 2020. While the edge may have been given by domestic sales, the milestone is quite impressive.

Huawei has faced a lot of issues since the U.S. imposed an embargo, which hit the company quite hard, with the biggest loss being access to Google services. While the company is on a wave at this point, the situation may change in the future, mirroring the fate of a doomed OS for smartphones.

The tragic tale of Windows Phone

During the early stages, Windows Phones appeared o be quite promising, receiving some of the most powerful hardware available on the market at some point and excellent cameras in the case of Nokia devices.

Despite massive investments and efforts made by Microsoft, the failure of Windows Phone as an OS can be tied to one major gap: the lack of desire apps on the platform. Even developers who were pursued to offer a Windows Phone equivalent for their apps released what can be described as lite versions at best, with several features vanishing into thin air.

Hardware vs. software

Powerful AI-enhanced chips and high-quality cameras have brought the Huawei name into the limelight, and a new developer contest seeks t attract more developers to Huawei Mobile Services, the solution developed by Huawei to compensate the loss of Google services.

Since most of the fame was built when people did have access to what Google offers, Huawei is now in a race to convince people that App Gallery and the Petal Search APK finder will make the user experience as smooth as it can be on smartphones offered by rival companies.

After all, people love the performance, but convenience remains the king.




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