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Apple AirPods Pro: All you need to know

Apple used to market their AirPods as the ultimate headset, and they claimed that it combined refinement, quality and performance in a simple and desirable package. However, reports proved that the first generation of AirPods wasn’t really what Apple claimed to be.

However, the latest generation of AirPods, the Airpods Pro, is upon us, and in their case, things are entirely different.

Sound quality

The new AirPods Pro sound amazing, but to some critical audiophiles, the quality might still seem a bit lackluster. Apple kept the most praised and loved traits of the original AirPods and improved the sound quality. The new AirPods feature active noise-canceling technology, which outputs amazing audio blocking performance, according to specialists.


Apple gave up the idea of a one-size-fits-all earbud design: The new AirPods Pro feature swappable silicone tips. Some fans are nostalgic about the original styling, while others believe that this is a step forward towards a very good direction for Apple. The tips are designed to help performance by silencing outside sound. The AirPods feature smart technology that helps you pick the best silicone tips by playing a specific audio snippet, which is then measured via internal microphones, but this only works when the AirPods are paired with another Apple device.

Battery life

Unfortunately, the advertised battery life is basically unchanged. Noise cancellation drains about half an hour off the battery life. When noise cancellation is turned off, the battery life will cap at about 5 hours.

A fully charged case for the AirPods Pro should be able to recharge the headphones for a maximum of about 24 hours of playback. The case is also compatible with wireless charging pads.





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