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Apple Alters App Review Process To Appease Developers

Apple has faced a bit of bad press recently due to clashes with Spotify, Basecamp, and Epic Games. The company has announced changes related to the app review process it which is likely to be an attempt to appease disgruntled developers.

A message surfaced on one of the developer portals announcing a major change. The app review team will no longer block crucial updates that address bug fixes to apps that are already available on the App Store when the developers and Apple disagree over a guideline as long as the fix isn’t tied to the source of the disagreement.

Freeing updates

The change is major as it allows developers to address guideline violations highlighted by Apple in the next update submission. It is quite clear that the major reason for the change was the backlash tied to the fight between Basecamp and Apple.

Basecamp, which launched a popular email app known as Hey, argued that Apple blocked the release of a major update during the time when the two companies had a dispute over the way in which in-app purchases should be implemented within apps.

Benefits for everyone

With the new approach, everyone is happier, as developers can release updates that address critical bugs while Apple receives a smaller amount of bad press when disputes take place. A new feedback form section also offers the opportunity to suggest guideline changes.

Developers have the option to pick a specific guideline that should be changed from a dropdown list, including in-app purchase rules, and send a message to the company. While Apple will accept feedback, it is not clear if any of the suggestions will be taken into account, especially since the company is under pressure to collect more revenue from services as the sales of iPhones have slowed down since the pandemic started.



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