Apple Filed a Patent for “Finger Devices” for AR and VR

News about an upcoming Apple device resurfaced recently, indicated by a report of a filed patent. The company tries this time to bring an enhancement experience, but this time not with a next-gen iPhone or iPad. “Finger devices” will be the future of Apple.

Such a thing will come with a bunch of sensors that will allow users to connect to their desired gadgets. A patent application indicated how a small “finger device” designed to support objects in AR or VR could change the future of Apple users. The application was made public this week by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The features of the Apple “finger devices” for AR and VR

Features such as optical sensors, force sensors, and some ultrasonic ones, as well, would be utilized for collecting finger information from a user. That specific data could then be applied for control virtual stuff in combined reality or virtual reality circumstances, with only the finger device offering haptic feedback for a more realistic result.

For example, a user could modify the volume on a HomePod speaker by only applying a virtual dial while using the finger device. It could also arrive with some features as commands when someone operated an external thing, such as a fingertip, over the outer ground, the patent shows. The designed device is described as being about the dimension of a fingernail.

Also, we should keep in mind that there’s no guarantee something similar to this would become real, getting an official release worldwide. However, it appears that Apple tries to ramps up its project in VR and AR, significantly. Last year, for example, the company sent a patent for a combined reality headset mixing enhanced and virtual reality. We still need some time to get Apple’s confirmation and witness a revolution in VR and AR.

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