Apple Folding iPhone Might Be Under Development, Some Rumors Say

Many companies love to chase the latest trends in the hope that they will get a piece of the pie while it’s still hot, but some prefer to wait and perfect new technology to deliver an impressive experience.

It is well-known that Apple is one of the companies that prefer to see how the world reacts to new features before they decided to integrate them into their own products or skip them. One of the most notorious examples is represented by the fact that the company did not allow users to install Adobe Flash on their devices, citing security risks.

The same approach is available in the case of bleeding-edge tech since the first 5G-capable iPhone could be released in September while other companies work on the second or third generations of devices that offer 5G connectivity.

Apple Folding iPhone Might Be Under Development

According to a reliable source, it appears that the Cupertino giant plans to develop its own take on flexible smartphones. The information is based on a patent request which was filled by Apple. Still, it is essential to note the fact that the company is notorious for obtaining patens that haven’t been implemented in actual products.

The patent focuses on a novel hinge and flaps mechanism that aims to reduce wear and tear in the area where the panel is bent. When the hinge is moved, the flaps are triggered, opening and closing according to the motion made by the user.

Huawei and Samsung have already faced issues with their flexible screens, with the former suspending the sale of Galaxy Fold devices until a fix was implemented. The concept developed by Apple could prevent the appearance of the issue from the start, which would be a great boon for the company since Samsung faced severe backlash from customers and media in the case of the Galaxy Fold problems. Only time will tell if the company will release an actual device.

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