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Apple iOS 13 Latest Warning For iPhone Users

For some iPhone users, the latest update released by Apple seems to cause some headaches and lots of misunderstandings. Apple iOS 13 launch was full of issues. The update comes with lots of problems such as bugs and security matters. Even after three revised upgrades, the iOS 13 seems to cause trouble still. Users of iPhones encounter a large number of problems, for example, the speed restrictions in iOS 13 affect every wireless charging-compatible iPhone. That issue is most met at the new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. For a better understanding, there is ChargerLab, a website that offers us some insights about some issues.

ChargerLab has unveiled that the Apple Company is slowly cutting the performance of third-party wireless chargers for all iPhones, which go with the latest update. What do this mean? Well, there isn’t any existing guidance for developers to dodge this. So users who already got their money for expensive quick wireless chargers will find that their money has been misspent. The website succeeded in discovering the fact that the wireless charges didn’t function properly.

They were rated at Apple’s 7.5W maximum, but now they are going only with a 5W. How issued is this fact? It seems that the increased wireless charging rates substantially. iPhone 11, which runs with the iOS 13, for example, would wirelessly get charged by 80% in two hours. After the latest update, iOS 13, the device got charged by only 55% at the same time. These results are representing a real issue being so slow.

Moreover, the same issues continue in iOS 13.1.2, and we still got not an answer from Apple. AppleInsider offers though some insights from a source which says that “Any vendors who are fully compliant with the Qi charging spec and all our guidance will see 7.5W charging.” AppleInsider went on with another statement explaining that things are more complicated. Until new upgrades, we will have to wait for an official statement from Apple.



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