Apple iPad 5G Could Launch Along With the Upcoming iPhone 12 Models

Apple might seem it lost its track with the 5G development. There are almost no details or reliable rumors to indicate such progress to the 5G pathway. Some analysts, though, still think that the Apple company will succeed in catching up with the latest 5G Android devices performance. So, listening to some reports, we could witness an iPad 5Glaunch once with its fellows of the next-gen iPhones. And all of that stuff could come in the second half of 2020.

As previous reports indicated, Apple currently has a new equipment provider for the 5G iPad. The company got a Taiwanese segment company, ASE Semiconductor, which is not part of Apple’s performance team. Also, statements from an insider think that ASE will most likely utilize the Flip Chip Antenna Package, dubbed FC_AIP technology, to support Apple’s mmWave 5G iPad and 5G iPhones.

Apple iPad 5G Could Launch Along With the iPhone 12 Models

How quick can Apple run its processes of development for getting ready the 5G connectivity we should see, especially when the company wants to release the upcoming device this year. Previously, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Minghao, indicated that Apple would launch the next-gen of iPads Pro in the first half of the year. The device is expected to arrive with one of the best features, such as the rear ToF lens. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official details for the next-gen of iPads and iPhones.

Moreover, Apple is expected to release more about its other project, iPhone 12 series soon. The upcoming smartphones are set to arrive with 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch variants of the display, according to some reports. Analysts, however, believe that all four devices will receive OLED displays, and features such a RAM, storage and cameras will differ by model. Along with them, we might also get an iPad 5G model.

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