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Apple is reportedly working on a “secret” satellite team

Grady Trimble from FOX Business reports that Apple might have a data satellite program available in the next decade.

The “secret” satellite team is being formed at Apple as they are making advances with their proprietary wireless technology, according to sources that are familiar with the upcoming project.

Their goal is to increase Apple’s ability to stream data to their devices in the context of a quickly developing 5G global network, with China leading the way. Bloomberg says that the project’s official direction is unclear as of right now.

Tim Cook’s position

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has previously shown interest in the satellite plan and made it clear that having a satellite up and running is a top priority for the American tech giant, according to Bloomberg.

Composition of the team

The crew consists of aerospace, satellite and telecommunications engineers who are trying to complete the humongous satellite project in the following five years. It’s a known fact that over the past 18 months, Apple has hired plenty of experts to help them develop the project.

John Fenwick, ex head of Google’s spacecraft operations was employed by Apple, alongside head of satellite engineering Michael Trela. Both used to work for Skybox Images, the satellite imaging technology before it was acquired by Google back in 2014. 


SpaceX and Amazon are working on similar projects in a worldwide effort to establish permanent communication between Earth and space. Amazon intends to launch 3,200 satellites into low orbit in a (hopefully) long term plan to supply up to 95% of the world with internet. 



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