Apple is secretly developing an ideal iPhone

Everybody knows that Apple tends to be conservative about the design of iPhones, and when they decide to make a change it’s usually a radical one (check the differences between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, for example).

The perfect iPhone

Some people might argue that this is plain laziness from Apple but others firmly believe that the slow pace of design development adopted by Apple is justified by the fact that they pursue small (but safe) changes that, over time, refined the design and overall feel of the iPhone. If the trend continues, a perfect iPhone is imminent.

The last major change in the design of Apple’s smartphones was the iPhone X, and it represented a base for the following models too (the iPhone XS and iPhone11). The design of the iPhone X was a bit of a compromise between Apple’s conservative techniques and the  pressure put on them by customers and rivals alike. The current design provides a good screen-to-body ratio while also being bundled with Face ID, which is perhaps the most sophisticated face recognition technology available on a phone at the moment.

Rivals of Apple made plenty of compromises, too, trying their best to maximize the surface of the screen and minimize the bezels, while also incorporating as many sensors in the display as possible and ditching physical buttons. 

Future plans

Apple tends to be pretty secretive when it comes to advances in the technology that they are developing, that is until it is all ready to hit the market. 

Rumors say that the iPhone 12 will feature a smaller notch for Face ID and have lines resembling the ones of the iPhone 4. However, an official design / prototype is yet to be announced.

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