Apple Might Be Working On Its Own Search Engine

Google might be king of search engines for now, but its reign has come under fire in recent months as the company has faced severe criticism from consumer groups and governments from all over the world, with several antitrust investigations being started.

A new report published by a reliable source argues that Apple is planning to release its own search engine as a potential alternative. While iOS 14 comes with several search engine choices, Google is the default search engine, and the Cupertino giant receives up to $12 billion per year from Google.

In development

Some authorities have criticized the fact that Google is more than willing to pay to be selected as a default search provider, despite the fact that hundreds of millions of people prefer Google by default despite concerns related to monopolistic practices.

The signs are already there as Apple hired Google’s former head of research more than two years ago while also recruiting a large number of search engine specialists. At this point, Apple has access to a strong team that could assemble a capable search engine.

Safe and private

Some webmasters have also reported that Applebot, the web crawler owned by people, has become more active in recent months as it searches for content that can be indexed. With access to more than $200 billion in usable cash and a market value of $2 trillion, Apple can back its venture without risks.

User privacy would be a big factor for many potential users, as Apple’s stance on privacy is quite transparent and vehement. The company has stated several times that privacy is an essential right and a core value that has to be respected. A search engine created by Apple won’t store personal information or track user activities, which is quite significant in a world that is becoming more aware of privacy.


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