Apple No Longer Signs iOS 13.5, Latest Patch Removes Jailbreak Vulnerability

Apple has been hard at work on a series of iOS updates that aim to address some of the bugs which have been faced by users in recent months. As in the case of other updates, the company will no longer sign what it deems to be outdated versions of the OS, encouraging the users to download and use the latest firmware versions.

iOS 13.5.1 addressed a major vulnerability that allowed users to jailbreak their devices with the help of a popular jailbreak solution that was shared by the unc0ver scene group.

Fixing the breaches

While the new iOS update has been released recently, Apple is taking swift moves against jailbreak users, and it no longer signs the 13.5.1 version of the OS, which could be used to install the jailbreak on all the Apple devices, which are compatible with iOS 13.

The company has tried to combat jailbreak since the first jailbreak solutions surfaced on the internet after the release of the iPhone 3GS and iOS 13. Since then, jailbreak creators have exploited a lot of loopholes that can be found in the code of the operating system or are based on specific hardware.

Reasons for jailbreak

While Apple introduced an impressive amount of new features and customization options in recent versions of iOS, many jailbreak users continue to argue that the closed nature of the OS comes with several disadvantages that can only be removed vial jailbreak.

Several features that can be used freely on most Android smartphones are only available to users who opt to jailbreak their devices, including the ability to sideload apps that haven’t been downloaded from the App Store or have been modified on one way or another. Jailbreak users also gain access to tweaks that can enhance the performance of their devices and make use of features that wouldn’t be available otherwise, like the iPhone X interface on older iPhone models.

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