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Apple Plans to Introduce Improved Water Lock For New Devices

Apple has a smart technique to remove water from the Apple Watch’s speaker openings efficiently. A similar, but improved solution could soon be used for iPhones. 

Apple Watch Series 2 was the first device that introduced the removal of water function. Now, two patents have been found that describe the solutions future iPhones could use when it comes to water removal. Here is what you need to know.

New and Improved Water Lock Feature for Next iPhones

In the first patent found, Apple explains that a device’s functions could suffer from liquids entering the inside. Therefore a solution is required, which removes the fluids from the case as quickly and efficiently as possible. As with the Apple Watch, the company describes a tiny speaker’s use, whose vibrations should eliminate the liquids. 

Furthermore, the company talks about a few internal components’ arrangements to help remove water from the phone’s inside as effectively as possible. For instance, the inner walls could get an extra coating. A sensor should also be useful to detect any moisture.

In contrast to the actual Apple Watch, the feature could work automatically in the future. The water lock featured on the current generation of smartwatches needs to be activated manually. When the lock is turned on, the existing water is removed. 

Second Patent Details

Apple explains in a second patent some possibilities of how they could remove liquids from the future iPhones. A small heating element, for example, could be utilized in addition to a speaker. 

By heating up to over 100 degrees Celsius, liquids in the tiny room can be turned into gases. So, water is not discharged in this case. It will only evaporate. 

Usually, patents don’t really mean that the techniques or solutions will actually be implemented into a real product. Apple, however, is known for its way of “fixing” or improving things around. 



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