Apple Plans To Launch Its AR Glasses In 2022

It is known that Apple has an outcome result regarding its product (AR = Augmented Reality glasses) and the rumored is that the launch will be presented this year, even so, a report from Digi Times, says that the AR glasses will have their launching in 2022, this means that our waiting is not over yet. We won’t be able to see the “miracle” this year.

Apple’s initiative for the AR glasses is not a secret anymore, after the launch of iPad Pros, Apple has included a new Lidar sensor which was created to boost the AR’s potential of the tablet. Another rumor about the iPhones that were and will be released in 2020 was that all the phones would come with a world-facing 3D camera, that didn’t happen exactly as planned.

Apple’s AR Glasses Set To Launch in 2022

The concept of smart glasses was first launched many years ago by Google with its innovation, Google Glasses. This gives us an interesting perspective on how Apple will approach smart glasses. Although Google managed to be the first company that was able to come with an innovative product, Google glasses didn’t quite catch up among the users, and the public did not very well receive it. Maybe it was too early for Google to launch its product, and perhaps the users weren’t ready for this kind of challenge.

Regarding the name and the credibility that the company has on the market, I think that Apple will be able to anticipate and analyze all the mistakes that Google made by launching the Google glasses and maybe, they will succeed where Google failed. I’m not a big fan of Apple, but I’m very excited to see what they are coming up with. I think that the main problem will be the income revenue regarding sales because of the pandemic all over the world.

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