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Apple Reportedly Rebuilt Apple Maps In The US – Europe’s Next!

Apple made an announcement today that its rollout of restrung Apple Maps is complete in the US. Apple says that the redesigned Apple Maps provides smoother and more precise navigation, enhanced detail, improved road coverage, and a lot more!

Early completion

The release of the remastered Apple Maps design was mostly completed last month, but Apple confirmed the completion only today.

Eddy Cue teased some of the aspects of the refreshed Apple Maps:

“We set out to create the best and most private maps app on the planet that is reflective of how people explore the world today. It is an effort we are deeply invested in and required that we rebuild the map from the ground up to reimagine how Maps enhances people’s lives — from navigating to work or school or planning an important vacation — all with privacy at its core.”

Moving to Europe

Cue also said that the completion of the new map in the United States and the introduction of new features like the Look Around and Collections mode are essential steps in bringing Apple’s vision to life. Apple is working hard on bringing the updated map to the rest of the world, starting with Europe in late 2020. 

Look around – an impressing feature

One of the most important functions is the Look Around service, which offers a street-level view with high-resolution, 3D photos. At the moment, the Look Around service is available in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Houston, Oahu, And Las Vegas, but Apple confirmed that some other places are coming soon. 



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