Apple Shuts Down U.S. Apple Stores as Tensions Continue to Escalate

Several reports argue that Apple decided to close a large number of the Apple Shops located in he U.S. as tensions continue to grow across the country. The decision was taken to keep employees and customers safe as violent protesters have started to vandalize and loot the popular shops.

Protests have been sparked across the U.S. as thousands of protesters criticize the death of George Floyd, which was caused by a police officer who kept he kneel over Floyd’s neck while he was immobilized on the ground. Eyewitnesses and Floyd himself asked the police officer to easy the pressure on Floyd’s neck, with Floyd stating several times that he can’t breathe.

Canceling plans

Apple announced earlier in May that it plans to reopen more than 1000 out of 271 stores located in the areas where businesses were closed due to concerns related to the spread of COVID-19.

Customers have the option to purchase products from the official Apple website and authorized resellers in the meantime. Still, many of the shops offered a more personalized experience as employees offered advice and solved many of the technical issues encountered by owners of Apple products.

A complicated year

Apple has faced other problems besides the closure of shops. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple engineers couldn’t visit China earlier this year, a step that plays an important role in the manufacturing process for iPhones. At the same time, others argue that the problem could be addressed with teleconferences, but elect analysts to anticipate delays related to the release of the iPhone 12 range.

Many iPhone users have also reported issues related to the latest iOS update, as it appears that iOS 13.5 is accompanied by several bugs. Some of them are related to lag, incompatibility issues related to first and third-party apps, hotspot shenanigans, and others. Fixes should be released in the following weeks.

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