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Apple Supports The Worldwide Fight Against Coronavirus With Impressive Donations

Apple’s donation to China was recently doubled by its officials. The company has spent over 50 million yuan (7 million USD) to support China’s fight against the deadly COVID-19, as reported by Reuters. In addition to this, Apple has recently contributed to the battle of Europe and the United States by donating 10 million masks for the doctors in hospitals.

CEO Tim Cook announced on Weibo last week that the company has managed to open all its 42 stores in several of the largest markets in the world. Therefore, the CEO announced as well as their donations worldwide, the masks being sourced with the help of Apple’s supply networks.

The ongoing pandemic has already killed more than 42.000 people on a global scale. Therefore, the company is joining forces with countries through the donations of wealthy international executives and corporates.

Apple fights the new coronavirus with massive donations

Chinese media reports have listed the donations of multimillion companies and their officials. Among the donators, the Chinese billionaire, the co-founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, is recorded. Other companies such as Baidu, Tencent, ByteDance and Huawei have joined the fight against the virus.

The companies have donated medical supporting kits consisting of masks and testing kits. Apple has done several other charitable acts by donating 20 million yuan of the promised amount through the Foundation for Poverty Alleviation from Beijing. This donation supported six hospitals in Hubei and the Leishenshan hospital located in Wuhan. The remaining 30 million yuan are contributing to efforts on the longer-term public health recovery.

Apple has already declared last month that meeting its target revenue is most likely to become impossible because of the closure of the factories. The CEO is, however, content with the government’s decisions regarding their actions towards the virus and they are thanking their partners and customers for their devotement during these challenging times. Since the deadly coronavirus has already infected 850.000 people globally, we are still waiting for further updates.



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