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Apple thickens their devices to boost performance

Apple used to try their best to make devices as thin as possible in order to make them more appealing and feel more refined and polished. However, on many occasions, this turned out to be a bad idea. A good example is the Bendgate scandal, which took its toll on the public image of the tech giant. The main cause of the problem was the fact that Apple used materials that were easily bendable by hand for the chassis of the phone, and this was partially due to their reduced thickness and increased malleability.


Apple’s design choices seem to have changed since they are no longer collaborating with Jony Ive, who used to be the chief design officer.

Even though Ive managed to create products that looked stunning, this often translated to a compromise in functionality (and the older MacBook keyboard is a viable example).

Fun fact: Ive was a known fan of glass, and sources say that the abundance of glass at the new HQ of Apple caused people to accidentally walk into windows.

Learning from past mistakes

Apple listened to their customers and they are now working on devices that prioritize functionality over the form factor, and this is very good news. The newest examples of this decision are the current iPhones and the new 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Some people argue that Apple products will no longer be the same without the constant input of Ive, because seemingly the most iconic Apple products were made under his supervision.

Nevertheless,  his new design firm will still occasionally advise the company.
Perhaps this is a change for the best. Apple users kept complaining about the fact that they want keyboards that have keys which actually do move notably when pressed, and it looks like their prayers have been answered.



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