Apple to Release a VR Gaming Headset in 2022, but Do They Have Another Surprise for Us in 2023?

Apple is currently working on a new series of augmented and virtual-reality devices with a new 3D sensor system. This comes from insiders of the company.

This new iPad Pro which will be released in the first part of the 2020, will come with a new module, which will have two camera sensors and a small hole for this 3D system. It will allow people to create 3D reconstructions of rooms, people or objects.

The tech giant based in California – The Cupertino – also wants to add a new sensor to the iPhone in 2020, together with a 5G networking capability. This comes from insiders. In the following years, Apple wants to release a combined  AR with VR handset made specifically for gaming, virtual meetings, or watching videos. The company also wants to release a pair of AR glasses in 2023.

Originally, the company planned to have this kind of technology for its first handset, which was ready in 2019 and planned for release in 2020, but then they decided to push back things. Then Apple told its employees that they want to release the first handset by 2022 and then the glasses in 2023.

Tim Cook, who is the Chief Executive Officer from Apple has talked about AR for quite some time, and the technology is the next hardware that’s pushed beyond the iPhone, the Apple Watches, or the tablet. This new 3D sensor system will be the centerpiece of it. Rumor has it, it has been in works for years at Apple, and the Apple’s latest phones will also come with a more advanced Face ID sensor in the coming years.

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