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Apple Wants to Ditch Charging Cables With the iPhone 13 Models

Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple analyst, always tells the truth when it comes to the upcoming product predictions. He’s very popular in this way. 2019 is almost over, and he has released his latest report, which shows that some iPhones will lose their Lightning connectivity in 2021 with the iPhone 13 models. It seems that they won’t have any kind of ports, actually.

iPhone 13 would come out without charging cables

Many USB-C stans wanted to make their way to the iPhone. Well, now it seems that Apple wants to skip that step and move towards a wireless era. As per Kuo, Apple will get rid of the lightning cable functionality only for the highest-end models at first.

If you like charging cables, you will still get to enjoy those for a little while. And it actually makes sense. Right now, iPhone models have the slowest wireless charging functionality from the entire industry, and all the supported devices are capped at 7.5W. This will probably improve in the following years, and it’s possible that whatever happens to Apple’s first wireless iPhone wattage will probably not be fast enough for some users.

The iPhone 11 series was a fantastic upgrade for the lineup after they remained last in comparison to other phones when it came to specs. Some new reports show that iPhone 12 will be even more significant.

iPhone SE 2 predictions

Kuo made other predictions, as well, about an iPhone SE 2 Plus, which will come with an all-screen design, of either 5.5 or 6.1-inches. It will also be devoid of a Home Button. This new device will not come with Face ID, but it will get Touch ID for its users, right into the power button, at the side of the phone.

In conclusion, iPhone 13 models would be the first to ditch charging cables, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the renowned Apple analyst.



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