Apple Warns Apple Shops Looters To Return Stolen iPhones

The U.S. is facing an unprecedented crisis like the death of George Floyd sparked heated protests against police brutality. However, as in the case of other events of this type, some people take advantage of the rage and anger of the masses to inflict large-scale destruction and steal expensive goods.

Apple Shops have been a favorite target for looters, who wish to acquire expensive devices like iPhones without the need to pay for them. The company has already taken several preventive actions, closing down stores and moving the goods to secure areas.

Free but not functional

Several Apple Stores have been breached by looters and violent protestors in Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other major cities. The looter quickly picked up iPhones and other Apple goods before smashing windows and breaking the furniture found inside.

However, they didn’t take into account the fact that the Cupertino giant has a few tricks up its sleeve, with extensive security protocols being one of them. Industry sources have stated in the past that Apple devices come with a proximity software which disables them when they are taken from a location.

A great deterrent

Those who tried to active a stolen iPhone were met with an unexpected message, which advised them to return the device to the Apple Store from which It was taken as the device has been disabled and is being tracked. The message also notes that local authorities will be notified.

In most cases, the looters will not take the devices back. The iPhones can sold and stripped for parts, as there are many useful components.  Many may also choose to abandon the devices in a public location, as Apple’s warning of being tracked might be justified since the Find My feature has helped an impressive number of people to recover lost or stolen devices in the past.


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