Apple Watch 5 Revealed With New Features, Mostly Focused On Health Apps

Recently, in the most significant presentation event of the year, Apple revealed its new iPhone 11 series, an iPad, and the upcoming Apple Watch 5 smartwatch. The main focus of the new Apple Watch 5 is on digital health, but the device also comes with other exciting features.

Among the novelties we can see on Apple Watch 5, there are a larger display, smoother navigation, and a bunch of health-related and fitness-tracking apps. Apple Watch 5 will come in two variants:

  • Apple Watch 5 GPS – $399
  • Apple Watch 5 GPS + Cellular – $499

Both versions of the new Apple Watch will become available in stores on September 20th.

Apple Watch 5 To Bring Lots Of New, Exciting Features

The surprise that the new Apple Watch 5 brings the Always-On Retina Display. Accordingly, your smartwatch will now always display the time and other pieces of information. You won’t need anymore to raise your arm or tap on the display.

Also, the new series of Apple Watch comes with improved navigation systems that reveal you additional information on your location, including latitude, longitude, incline, and elevation. Besides, Apple also focused on personal safety. Accordingly, Apple Watch 5 now sports International Emergency calling feature.

But, the primary focus of Apple Watch 5 is on digital health. The upcoming smartwatch will sport a series of health- and fitness-related apps. Among the most considerable additions, made possible via watchOS 6, we have Cycle Tracking App, that keeps tracks of menstrual and fertility periods in women, and Noise App, which alerts you about the ambient sound levels to protect you against hearing damage.

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