Apple Watch 6 Rumored Features, Price and Launch Date


The Apple Watch 6 could arrive this fall with incredible new features, and the rumor mill turns faster than ever. 

The upcoming Apple Watch series is said to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 12. Here is what you should know.

Apple Watch 6 Rumored Specs and Features

Recent rumors indicate that the Apple Watch 6 could arrive with major new features, including one that everyone’s been expecting, the SpO2 tracking.

Blood Oxygen Detection

According to The Verifier, blood oxygen monitoring, also known as SpO2 tracking, is coming with the upcoming watchOS 7. SpO2 can measure the oxygen saturation level of users’ blood. So, if your blood oxygen falls below a specific level, the Watch could notify you to ease up your activity.

MicroLED Display

Apple plans to release a microLED-based Apple Watch, according to a 2019 report from Economic Daily News. Such a feature could lead to a thinner and more power-efficient Apple Watch 6. But, recent leaks suggest the Watch 6 will continue to use the JDI Display’s OLED displays. 

Mental Health

Tipster Max Weinbach and YouTube channel EveryhtingApplePro say that Apple plans to develop the Apple Watch 6 to identify early signs of panic and stress. The device could utilize a blood oxygen monitor to detect if a user is hyperventilating, potentially helping him/her avoid panic attacks.

Sleep Tracking

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has been testing a built-in sleep tracking feature that could be ready to be released by 2020. While there are other sleep tracking apps available for watchOS, such as AutoSleep Tracker or Sleep Watch, the Apple Watch doesn’t monitor a user’s snooze time. 

Apple Watch 6 Launch Date

Apple Watches have been usually announced every September since the debut of the Series 1 and Series 2 in 2016. However, due to the unprecedented obstacles, the world is facing this year, we can’t expect the Apple Watch 6 to follow that trend. 

The company typically reveals its new devices every June at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2020). This year will be an online-only event. 

Apple Watch 6 Price Tag

Currently, the Apple Watch 5 has a price tag of $399 for the GPS only variant and $499 for the GPS + cellular model. Apple has applied this pricing structure for a few years now, so we don’t foresee it to change much for the upcoming Watch series. 

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