Apple Watch Patent Revealed Some Features Of A Possible Future Smartwatch

Recently, The US Patent & Trademark Office has published a patent that shows an Apple Watch that does not have one of its most known features: the digital crown. The patent is called Watch With Optical Sensor For User Input, and it is bound to enable touch and gesture control with the help of a flat sensor.

We also have a section of the abstract from the first page of the files patent: ‘A watch can include a user input component that employs an optical sensor to receive input from a user. The input components provide an ability for a user to interact with the watch in a manner similar to how a user would interact with a crown that is rotatable and/or translatable.’

The files patent also talks about the replacement component, and how it would simulate the user interactions with the sensor just like a crown would.

Apple Watch Patent  Revealed Some Exciting Features

The patent has just been published, but we also saw its file date: the 29th of July, 2019. This actually means that we cannot know for sure when the changes will take place, and when the watch will hit the market.

We are waiting to see if these changes will be official; Apple and many other major phone companies have put their trust in gesture control. It actually suggests that smartwatches will also follow this trend.

But we cannot admit that the digital crown is an iconic part of the Apple Watch. It is also an important one. We will have to wait for more details in order to see if Apple will officially launch the next-gen Apple Watch in September 2020. If not, at least we know what to expect in the future.

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