Apple Watch Supports Google Maps Again: What Should You Know

Google Maps is available again on the Apple Watch series, after almost three years of no support.

The return of the Google Maps to watchOS was confirmed on August 10 in an official Google post, along with the latest interaction with CarPlay. But, as the website 9to5Google noticed, the release of Google Maps on the Apple Watch series only happened alongside the arrival of Google Maps iOS app’s variant 5.52. Here is what you need to know.

Google Maps Found Its Way Again to Apple

The news of Google Maps returning to the Apple Watch series emerged recently. You must have the main app updated before you can use the watchOS variant of Google Maps. And you’ll need, too, an Apple Watch with watchOS 5 or later. Such a thing means that older variants of the smartwatch are left out in the cold. 

To perfectly fit the smaller, more immediately accessible panel, you don’t really see a map on the app. Yes, it sounds a bit awkward, but here’s the thing. 

How Does it Work

You’ll get a way of navigating to your desired locations via walking, bike, public transport, and car. Once you’ve selected a destination from the list or just typed a new one into your smartphone and picked your mode of transportation, you’ll receive a cool list of step-by-step instructions full with sleek haptic alerts. So, you won’t miss a turn!

Moreover, if you want quick access to Google Maps, you can add a shortcut anytime you want straight to the app. This app isn’t one that can be utilized by itself, though.

You’ll still need to use your handset to input an unsaved location or verify the actual map. Such a thing means that it isn’t as cool to use as the Apple Maps app. Well, if you’re a Google fan, but like to use Apple’s hardware, Google Maps is indeed worth giving a shot.

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