Apple Will Announce Switch To ARM-based CPUs At WWDC 2020

Apple has been quite busy in recent times, and the company is hard at work on a sleuth of the announcement that will be made at the first online-only edition of its annual World Wide Developers Conference (also known as WWDC), which is scheduled to start on June 2020.

Several rumors anticipate a historic switch as Apple plans to replace the Intel processors that are usually found on the MacBook lineups with new processors that have been designed in-house with the help of technology that has been licensed from ARM.

Leaving the blue team

Intel has been providing processors for Apple’s MacBooks since 2006, as the company announced the move from chips made by PowePC, the previous provider, in 2005. While only a few models were available at first, a full transition took place in a few years, and it is likely that the same will happen as Intel-based MacBooks will be phased out in the following years.

Since Apple enjoys approximately 10% of the PC and laptop market it is unlikely that a significant impact will be felt by Intel, which continues to be favored in the computer world as the premier provider of CPUs for a large number of purposes.

Branching out

The decision to opt for a proprietary architecture is quite interesting, especially since it will complicate the life of software developers, who will have to work on two versions of the same program, one for Intel-based MacBooks and one for ARM-based ones.

Industry sources argued that the move was made with the aim to save money since Apple has the necessary infrastructure to manufacture its own chips, a great advantage that could result in increased profits for the company in the long run. However, many MacBook owners might feel that the move is unnecessary and make the switch to a Windows-based device that seems more powerful and capable of doing what they want.

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