Apple will update their email service for MacOS because it’s not as safe as they believed

One of Apple’s core selling points is their marketed riguros protection of the user’s privacy and their target is to become the only trustworthy tech company. Recently, it was discovered that emails sent from Apple mail can partially be read as if they were never encrypted and it might turn out that Apple knew about this issue for a very long time.

Who’s affected

Thankfully, only a small deal of MacOS users are affected by the problem. Those at risk are the ones who send encrypted emails from Apple Mail without using Apple’s FileVault for system encryption

The official answer

Apple stated that they are aware of the problem and they will fix it in a future software update. They pointed out that only portions of emails are at risk, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The vulnerability was made public by Bob Gendler, an Apple-focused IT specialist in a Medium blog, recently, during one of his attempts to determine how MacOS and Siri recommend information to their users. He found some operating system database files which are used for storing information from mail and other various apps which are used to refine Siri’s information suggestion algorithm. This is normal to an extent in order to develop some sort of hysteresis based refining of an AI personal assistant. 

However, among these files were bits of unencrypted texts taken from emails which should have been encrypted.

This means that users should be more careful and responsible about the texts they send via email because not even a tech giant like Apple is completely safe and hackers can almost always find their way into someone’s machine, where they can control information in any way they desire to.

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