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Apple won’t release their AR Headset until 2022

Rumors about Apple developing augmented reality products appeared online some time ago, some snippets from codes of iOS devices hinted towards a stereo augmented reality headset, and this information is backed up by some apparently related patents. 

Last week we learned that Apple is working with Valve on developing an AR headset, but the official launch date was unknown, only rumors were available. Previously, analysts believed that Apple’s AR headset would be released somewhere in late 2020.

A recent Apple presentation took place in their Cupertino, California headquarters and many possible features, product information and updates regarding development were revealed.

According to the presentation, their new augmented reality products won’t be ready to hit the market until at least 2022, but 2023 is believed to be a more realistic date.

Official data

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t confirmed anything regarding the headset and it doesn’t seem like they are preparing to make any public product announcement.

However, reports say that their 2022 headset is codenamed N301, while the “sleeker pair of AR glasses”, codenamed N421 will supposedly hit the market in 2023.

The N301 will be equipped with cameras facing outward and it will feature both AR and VR capabilities, while looking like a more elegant Oculus Quest device, sources say.

The N421, however, are not as far into development and at the moment, the concept looks like regular sunglasses that have thick frames to house the batteries and electronics.

Apple declined commenting the information as they firmly stated that they do not address “rumors and speculation”.

One thing is certain, Apple has serious competition, as Microsoft, Google and Facebook all are working on futuristic AR and VR technology.



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