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Apple’s “best app of 2019” gets rid of people ruining photos

Apple takes the apps on their App Store seriously and they are very pretentious when it comes to allowing a new application to be sold on the Appstore. Top applications are selected by their team of designated App Store editors, meaning that the number of downloads isn’t everything, as they favor quality over quantity.

Apple has recently announced the best iPhone app for photography enthusiasts: Spectre Camera. The app was revealed at one of the company’s special ceremonies that was held in New York.

About the app

Spectre is unlike any regular camera app: it allows users to shoot pro-style snapshots: There is a long exposure option that allows photos to be captured over several seconds.

This is extremely useful in crowded locations, like a busy street at rush hour, where the app can efficiently remove traffic.

For night shooting, Spectre creates beautiful light trails which are usually captured by high spec DSLR cameras.

Spectre’s way of taking long exposure images is unique: instead of simply keeping the shutter open (like regular pro cameras do), it takes hundreds of photographs and ultimately merges them into a single one, which also means that a video of the entire exposure is available.

The result can be shared as either a video or a photo, which is automatically chosen by the app, according to the scenery the user is looking at:

A cityscape might look like a set of blended trails of light, while a beach scenery will combine shots to obtain a smooth water effect


Unlike traditional long exposure photos that require a tripod, Spectre utilizes AI software that stabilises shots, so users can take a photo by simply holding the phone in their hand, which is extremely convenient.



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