Apple’s latest iPad is now way cheaper than it was on Black Friday

Black Friday was a great opportunity to purchase the latest products on sale. Those who wanted to purchase an Apple iPad but didn’t manage to now have the occasion to purchase it… for an even lower price!

A bunch of Apple devices are still on sale today, and some of them have significantly lower prices now.

The latest iPad (launched in September 2019)

One of the most affordable Apple devices at the moment is the iPad (10.2 Inch, 32GB model) in rose gold or space gray. It is available for the shockingly affordable price of just $229. That is about $100 less than its initial retail price and it is also the lowest price ever for the new iPad on Amazon.

The fun part about this offer is the fact that during Black Friday, the iPad was $20 more expensive. This only proves that sometimes, Black Friday deals aren’t necessarily the best deals one can get for a product they desire to purchase.

The more generous 128 GB version of the new iPad  is still $100 discounted, in all three colors, including silver.

Here is a link to the Amazon page where you can buy the new iPad for the most affordable price of the moment:

Duration of the offer

Unfortunately, this great offer is only available through December 2 (or until Amazon’s stock runs out), so if you previously were in doubt, go buy the iPad for this low price while you still can.

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