Apple’s Next-Gen of iPad and iPad Mini Might Arrive with Affordable Price Tag

Apple is getting ready to expand its device portfolio to a broader market. A recent report claims that Apple might even release a few new devices later this year and others at the beginning of 2021. 

Famous popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made some predictions, and we can only hope they will turn out to be true. He also suggested that the devices will arrive with an affordable price tag. So, here is what you should expect, too.

Apple’s Plans to Release an Affordable iPad

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that a 10.8-inch Apple iPad could hit the markets early next year. He also believes the device will be released with an affordable price tag. If Apple decides to launch such a device, then it could certainly reach a broader market. 

Besides the 10.8-inch iPad, Apple might release, too, a new iPad mini. The device will measure 8.5 or 9-inch. Kuo states that these two new devices could be introduced on the market, following the iPhone SE 2020 strategy. However, Kuo didn’t say a thing about the approximate price tag. He only noted that Apple’s cheapest 10-inch iPad is only $329. 

Similar to the iPhone SE 2020, the next-gen of iPads could house one of the fastest processors from Apple, which is also the newest. The smartphone is currently powered by the A13 Bionic processor, found on the iPhone 11 series. The chipset is considered to be one of the best processors, competing with rivals such as Samsung. 

Besides these predictions, Kuo suggested even a pair of augmented reality eyewear, dubbed Apple Glasses, which could be released in 2022. But unlike the predicted iPads, these glasses won’t hit the market at an affordable price at all. The Apple Glasses could flaunt a design with extra-layer laminations, which will probably cost Apple a lot. 

Currently, these devices are only predictions, and Apple might decide to release them or not. It would be helpful for the tech giant to bring more affordable devices on the market. So, until new reports, let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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