Apple’s Perception Of Video Games Hurts Its Customers

For many people, Apple is not the first word that comes into their mind when gaming is involved. Its laptops and desktops are more than capable of handling intensive media editing tasks, but they are far from being marketed as gaming devices.

It can be argued that iOS played an important role in the rise of mobile gaming, but event the most interesting titles fail to encosuplate the scope and and scale of video games that have been designed with computers and consoles in mind. As the industry changes, Apple seems to remain too conservative for its own good.

Cloud ambitions and multiplatform titles

In recent years the love for exclusivity has started to fade as games have started to arrive on more platforms at launch. This has been a great boon for gamers, especially since cloud gamings offers new opportunities, including the ability to play PC and console-grade titles on mobile devices.

However, iOS users can’t enjoy the full benefits of cloud gaming due to the strict rules imposed on the App Store, which stipulate that cloud-based apps have to connect users to servers that are user-owned.

Pushing Apple Arcade                 

While Google was willing to rework the Stadia app to gain access to the App Store, Nvidia and Microsoft decided to skip the platform for now with the later arguing that is hard at work on potential workarounds that could be approved by Apple.

Apple Arcade does offer more than 100 titles in exchange for $5 per month, but most of the titles seem to be aimed towards children, with only a few titles being more appealing for adults. The company sold more than 41 million iPhones during the first quarter of 2020, and many would be interested in a cloud gaming service.

By allowing cloud gaming services on its mobile devices, Apple would make them even more attractive for customers.


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