Apple’s Siri Can Give You Coronavirus-Oriented Advice

Apple has introduced a new Siri update that allows the digital assistant to present information to people who have any sort of question regarding the Coronavirus situation. 

Activating The Feature

Asking Siri questions like “How do I know if I have Coronavirus” or “Do I have coronavirus?” will make the assistant talk about advice based on the user’s symptoms. 

That feature was introduced days ago, and people started noticing it last Saturday.

The Algorithm

The first time you ask Siri about the virus, you will be asked if you manifested either of the related symptoms, including dry cough, fever, or shortness of breath. 

Users who report serious problems that can be associated with a Coronavirus infestation are advised to call 911, while the rest are told to self-isolate. 

Also, links to telehealth apps from the App Store are displayed for anyone who isn’t capable of reaching a healthcare provider fast enough.

Source Of Siri’s Answers

If you are having issues regarding the accuracy or reliability of the data Siri provides you, worry no more! The answers come straight from the US’s Public Health Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For the moment, the answers seem to be addressed only to American users.

Asking Siri questions that are related to Coronavirus outside the United States will return a link to an information page most of the time.

The newly added Siri function is in concordance with the efforts of other tech giants, like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, who all tried to raise awareness about Coronavirus and help people by providing guidance and essential information. 

Microsoft, for example, introduced an interactive map and, with help from the CDC, managed to implement a “self-checker” chatbot.

It’s fantastic to see how technology advanced so much that it can help us with valuable information in these difficult times.

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