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Apple’s Upcoming 12 Series New Game-Changing Technology: The Most Powerful Chipset Available

The recent iPhone 12 leaks have been more bad than good, and the tension is starting to mount. In the meantime, the officials are reassuring their fans that the upcoming series is going to be second to none in terms of speed, blowing the whole gadget industry away, as a prolific industry insider, Komiya reported it.

The famous A14 chipset

According to Komiya, the iPhone 12 series is going to be powered by the brand-new A14 chipset, which is considered as an upgrade, which is better than Apple’s last chipset by 50%. Therefore, with this launch, the company is going to race with itself, given the fact that the fastest chipset available on the market is the company’s A13.

To support this theory, the famous YouTuber, Filip Koroy, declared that the upcoming A14 chipset is going to create the same hype that the fans showed when the transition between iPhone’s 7 A10 chipset and A11 chipset of iPhone 8. At that time, another game-changing leap was created, since the latter chipset offered a performance increased by 70%.

The inner workings of the development of A14

In addition to this, the forthcoming A11 is rumored to be so advance that it will outpace the performance of MacBook Pro. But the question is: how exactly could the company come up with such a big step forward? The answer lies solely in the fact that the officials decided to move from a 7nm manufacturing process to a 5nm one for the creation of A11.

This decision led to an increase in the phone’s efficiency and speed, as well as more extended longevity and smaller batteries. All of these details add up to the future of improved gadgets, and we can be proud to say that the giant Apple was the first company to make this step forward.



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