AR contacts are a thing now and could be massively available soon!

The future is here! Remember those high tech contacts that you’ve seen in movies about spies and top secret stuff? Well, contact lenses featuring minuscular built-in displays have been developed and can beam data directly into the eyes of the user. 

Who’s the maker of the device?

The contacts are a product of Mojo Vision, which is a startup that quietly developed AR contact lenses. Even though their company states that a market-ready product is still years away, the developer is demonstrating the capabilities of their AR technologies for the very first time as a part of their vision to replace the smartphone ultimately.

It all started with the concept of “invisible computing”, which will allow for information to appear seamlessly around the user, according to their desire, instead of smartphone screens.

Steve Sinclair, the company’s vice president of product and marketing said:

“It could be as simple as notifications, like you get on your Apple Watch. But it can be as complex as as anything that fits into the real world and gives context to the real world, which I think is what people expect when they talk about AR.”


The concept seems perfect, the technology is pretty much here, but it all raises a question: Is it a good idea though? Would you agree to put a miniature screen on your eyes? Will it be addictive? Will it impact your health? Unfortunately, it is all too early to tell. 

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