Arizona Brings Google to Court Over User Tracking Problems

Google may be beloved by millions of users from all over the world for the large number of solutions and products that it provides by the massive technology giant has faced a significant amount of lawsuits over the years, with most of them being tied to privacy issues.

The company is once again in hot water as it has been sued by Arizona, with the state claiming that the company continued to collect data from users even if they decided to opt-out.

Complicating the options

According to the attorney general of the state, Google continued to track the location of the users in the background when mapping, weather, and other services were accessed via apps even if the features were disabled.

It is also stated that Google tried its best to dissuade Google users from disabling tracking by forcing them to explore the settings menu in an attempt to disable individual settings. While the users thought that their location was no longer monitored by opting-out, Google continued to track their location and used it to deliver target advertising, among other profitable actions.

Major penalties on the horizon

The state demand that Google returns all the profit earned via the monetization of the data to and the payment of fines, which reach up to $10,000 per recorded violation. A Google spokesperson has stated that privacy has always been a priority for the company, and the issues will be cleared in court.

Several legal actions have been aimed toward Google in recent years. The EU served the company a fine of $1.7 billion due to abuse advertising practices, and the U.S.-based FTC issued an $170 million sanction, arguing that Google collected data about children who watched cartoons on YouTube in an illegal manner. Other states are also preparing to use the company soon, with many of the lawsuits being related to privacy or antitrust problems.

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