ARM Announces a New Cortex-X Architecture

ARM is one of the most popular CPU and GPU developers in the mobile world, as the components and designs created by the company power millions of smartphones across all over the world. The instruction set employed by ARM is also used by many chips manufactured by other companies, including Samsung’s Exynos processors.

The company has announced the Cortex-A78 CPU and Mali-G78 GPU, which replace the models released last year. However, a surprise announcement was also made as the company unveiled the Cortex-X program along with the Cortex-X1 CPU.

A game-changer

One of the most common complaints related to ARM’s A processor range is that the CPU architecture is outclassed easily by Apple’s Bionic processors.

The new Cortex-X program plans to address this issue in an interesting manner. Apple will work together with interested partners on custom chips that have been designed specifically for their needs. Partners will have the option to set specific performance criteria that are different in comparison to standard Cortex-A variants.

A final version of the chip will be designed and produced by ARM under the Cortex-X brand name.

Toppling the giants

It is clear from the start that Cortex-X is designed to be used in high-end devices, a fact that is reinforced by the impressive specifications of the CorteX-X1. The chip has been designed from the ground up to deliver an impressive performance, as it is faster by 30% in comparison to the Cortex-A77. Machine learning performance is also twice as fast, and there are significant performance uplifts.

Android flagship buyers have a lot to look forward too as the the new design also targets an impressive clock speed of 3Ghz, a feat that would be quite impressive for mobile SoCs. It is likely that Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 875 will employ the ARM Cortex-X1, and Cortex-A78 and Samsung may also adopt them for its new Exynos SoC line.

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