Assassin’s Creed Vallhala Drops The Loot System Found in Oddysey And Origin

Before the release of Assassin’s Creed Origins, many players have argued that the franchise had started to get a bit stale, as the gameplay differences between iterations were minimal with the exceptions of a few titles.

Ubisoft decided to abandon the annual release pattern that had been followed for several years, switching to a longer development cycle that offered the opportunity to work on larger and more immersive game-worlds along with the addition of deeper RPG elements. Assassin’s Creed Origins arrived as a breath of fresh air for the franchise, but some fans were displeased.

From a stealthy experience to action-focused combat

The addition of in-depth RPG mechanics added a new layer of complexity to the gameplay, but there were also a few issues.

Players who were used with instant-kills that were a core part of the franchise were surprised when the iconic hidden blades were removed. While the absence was explained by the early timeline and other instant-kills alternatives exist, they rely on your current level and gear statistics versus the stats of the target, which means that there is no way to kill a high-level target instantly.

Less grind in Valhalla

Players will become stronger in time as they earn new levels, skill points, and gear.However, another major complaint was related to Ubisoft’s decision to use a random loot system, which placed the focus on finding fresh gear instead of improving what you already have.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will address both complaints as the hidden blades return, and the loot system for gear will be overhauled. A major focus will be placed on discovering and using unique pieces of gear that feel special and can be used for a long while, instead of having to replace it with something else after a couple of hours.

These changes will enhance the gameplay experience in the long run, which is great as Valhalla will be larger than Odyssey.

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