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Astronomers Spot Exoplanet With Extreme Surface Temperatures

Some of the exoplanets that can be found in space feature conditions that would make life impossible. A team of astronomers has managed to find an extreme exoplanet, which is extremely hot, as surface temperatures can reach 3,200 degrees Celsius (or 5,792 degrees Fahrenheit).

While the temperatures are below the ones encountered on the surface of the Sun, which is almost twice as hot, they are on par with values observed in the case of some dwarf stars. Such temperatures are high enough to melt any rocks or metals.

A hot gas giant

The planet, which is known as WASP-189b, is quite interesting for researchers as it is a gas giant that is unusually close to its host star. Measurements have revealed that it requires three days to complete an orbit around the star while the distance between them is up to 20 times shorter in comparison to the one between Earth and the Sun.

Astronomers have also learned that the surface temperature of the host star is higher than the one encountered on the Sun by 25%. It also spins so fast that it seems to push outward near the equatorial region.

Distant but interesting

The researchers harnessed the CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite to learn more about the planet, which is located at a distance of 326 light years away from Earth. With the help of the occultation and transit methods, the team managed to learn interesting details about the planet.

Due to its impressive size and extreme temperatures, WASP-189b has been classified as a hot Jupiter. It is thought that data gathered with the help of CHEOPS will reveal more details about this type of planet, especially since only a few planets can face such extreme temperatures without being destroyed.

A paper has been published in a scientific journal, and further research will take place in the future.



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