Asus ROG 3 Elevates Mobile Gaming To New Levels

Mobile gaming has started to evolve at a fast pace in recent years as new hardware allows the development of games that look and play as good as their console or even PC equivalent. It is no wonder that some manufacturers have started to release devices that are made with gaming in mind.

Asus entered the fray in 2018 with the first incarnation of the Republic of Gamers Phone, which was well-received among mobile gamers, as it offered a wealth of handy features that aimed to improve the gaming experience.

The Return of the King

The Asus ROG 3 comes with a great design that pleases the eye, even if it is tamer in one way and braver in others. RGB fans will love the fact that the logo has been expanded, and it is now more visible when the AURA RGB system is off.

Size matters and the device comes with a generous 6.59-inch panel and large edges, which ensure that the corners of the screen won’t be touched by accident. Two symmetrical speaker grilles are visible at on the top and bottom bezels, providing a premium audio experience.

Running at light-speed

Qualcomm’s finest is present in the form of the enhanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus Soc, which features an overclocked Prime core that offers a 10% performance boost that can be felt in taxing games and apps. The GPU is also overclocked to make the most out of the available hardware.

Besides, the mighty SoC Asus added 12GB of LPDDR 5 RAM and 512GB of UFS 3.1 built-in storage space on the standard version of the device. Early reviews have already praised the performance of the device during gaming sessions, and it can handle even demanding titles that are played via emulation.

The device will be released on the market soon, with three version being available.


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