AT&T brings good news! 5G coverage was expanded to six new cities

AT&T is continuously providing updates regarding its low-band 5G network, with the latest addition of six new cities (some of the biggest urban areas in the US) to their expanding network: Washington, DC, New York City, Detroit, Baltimore, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia.

The earlier launch from December introduced the six cities to AT&T’s regular 5G network, which is built on low-band 850 MHz spectrum technology (which, by the way, is totally different from their rebranded LTE network, referred to as “5G E” by AT&T, which is their high band 5G network that is based on millimeterWave technology.

Additionally, AT&T is also launching its millimeterWave 5G+ network in some specific zones of Baltimore and Detroit, even though the main 5G+ network isn’t fully available to general customers as of right now.


The newly added six cities add up to AT&T’s total number of 5G cities, topping off at a total of 19, even though the only 5G phone that they offer is the $1,300 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G. Nevertheless, the addition of major metropolitan zones like Washington, DC or New York is very encouraging sightings from the carrier, especially when you consider the fact that the upcoming year will meet us with many more devices that are 5G compatible.

Access to the network

Access to the carrier’s 5G network is bundled for no extra charge with its Unlimited Extra or Unlimited Elite plans. However, using 5G speeds counts towards the throttling caps of the unlimited plan.

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