Avatar 2 Resumes Filming – What’s New?

Avatar 2 is one of the movies that the gaming community is looking forward to the most. Just a few months ago, on December 18, Avatar, the record-breaking movie directed by James Cameron, celebrated its inaugural anniversary. Both the crew, and the cast of Avatar 2, all of them led by James Cameron, are back in New Zealand and have started filming for the sequel to the classic film. This happened after New Zealand successfully beat the coronavirus pandemic and the country officially got out of lockdown. Jon Landau and James Cameron, the producers of Avatar 2, have obtained a permit to begin filming in New Zealand in early June.

The filming of Avatar 2 was postponed back in March 2020 because of the outbreak of COVID-19, back in China. The ongoing pandemic has forced all producers and directors to put a stop to their productions, since countries all continue to battle the novel coronavirus. Although the people at home did not notice, the effect of the pandemic on the entertainment industry is a major one.

Jon Landau, the producer of Avatar 2, has explained that Wellington Sky gave the team a nice welcome with a beautiful rainbow on their first day back at the Stone Street Studio. This is certainly a nice way to resume working on Avatar 2. This information was posted by Landau on his Instagram account.

In an interview with Single News, Landau mentioned that the best part bout the movie industry is that the spending on their projects is diversified. They spend money both remotely, but sometimes have to go to the local area. For example, if the producers need 400 extras to film a scene, they will go to the local community in New Zealand to hire people.

Currently, Avatar 2 is scheduled to appear in theatres on December 17, 2021. For more updates on this topic, make sure to stay tuned in.

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