AVG Cleaner Update 5.0.0 Brings New UI

Many people who love to use their smartphone every day will notice at some point that the performance of their device has started to decrease. This is something that can happen in time and for a variety of reasons, with one easy solution being the use of a dedicated performance-enhancing app.

AVG  Cleaner has been designed from the ground up to improve the performance of your device. Install it on your device, and you will enjoy a smoother experience while using apps, more free memory, and a better battery life without the need to follow complicated routines.

Small by mighty         

Harness the Cleaner feature to perform a variety of useful tasks. With a few taps, you can remove bloatware without the need to root your device. The dedicated app analyzer will scan each app to ensure that it is safe and to use. It is also easy to boost the performance of your device by removing old cache files, removing junk, and freeing RAM.

A handy photo analyzer will ensure that your photo gallery is optimized so you can make the most out of it. Images will be optimized to save space, and all media can be sorted into source folders.

Great features

Good battery life is essential to enjoy a mobile device, but it some cases, your smartphone can run out of energy a bit too fast. The battery saver tool has you covered by offering the option to switch between several battery profiles for creating custom routines to ensure proper battery usage.

It may seem a bit daunting to use all of the features offered by the app, but thanks to a one-button optimization button, you can enjoy all the benefits without losing time. The app will scan your device and highlight any potential issues that can be addressed.

The 5.0.0 includes a revamped UI, which enhances the user experience. Download any APK updates or files from a secure source.

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