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AVG Secure VPN 2.9.5342 Comes With A New Kill Switch Feature

Smartphones have placed the power of the internet in our hands as they offer access to many interesting features. However, the internet does come with a few risks, as many third-party groups collect data and sell it on the black market.

With AVG Secure VPN, it is easy to navigate the internet and enjoy all the features without worrying about security or privacy risks.  With the help of the VPN feature, your traffic will be fully encrypted, and no one will be able to observe your user habits.

Strong and secure

A VPN relies on a high-quality encryption process, which secures the data that is downloaded and uploaded on your smartphone.  Since the data is encrypted, hackers will not be able to read it even if they get access to it, which means that it is useless.

With several servers being available, user can choose the proxy which suits their needs. For example, you can access websites that aren’t available in your region, so you can enjoy popular content. Using a VPN also provides an additional layer of security for online purchases, sensitive conversation, and other tasks that require increased privacy.

Excellent features

Many people tend to believe that VPN services are hard to use, since the required advanced configurations in the past. This is no longer the case, and with AVG Secure VPN, it is as easy as tapping on a dashboard widget.

Thanks to an optimized protocol and data-efficiency systems, AVG Secure VPN offers an impressive VPN quality without experiencing lower connection speeds, a great perk for those who are already limited by a slower internet connection. It is also optimized for streaming, allowing users to enjoy their favorite media content without compromising the quality.

The 2.9.5342 update comes with a smart kill switch feature. If the VPN connection is compromised, the app will block the internet connection automatically.




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