AVG Secure VPN Gets Kill Switch And Other Improvements With The 2.1.4874 Update

In recent years many users have started to pay more attention to their online privacy as several major companies have been involved in scandals that involve the sale of private information and other issues.

There are are few steps that can be taken to ensure the confidentiality of your actions and activities on the internet, and one of them is represented by the use of a high-quality VPN service. AVG Secure VPN is one of the best VPN apps that can be found on the market at this point as it comes with an impressive amount of useful features.

Fast and private

The primary feature offered by the app is the ability to browse the internet safely while protecting your identity from nefarious third-party entities who wish to steal your data. Once AVG Secure VPN is active, you can browse the internet over Wi-Fi or mobile data without the need to worry about security.

Users have the option to pick between several VPN locations according to their wishes, but the app will automatically highlight the one that will work best in accordance the the speed of the active internet connection.

Full of features

With the help of AVG, Secure VPN users can gain access to a large variety of websites and content that is not available otherwise due to geo-location restrictions. A solid array of proxy servers will offer the ability to change the IP address on the fly without the need to restart the app.

Using the app is as easy as launching and picking a server. It is also easy to enable or disable the app quickly with the help of a convenient widget. AVG uses advanced encryption algorithms and security protocols to keep your data safe at all times.

The 2.1.4874 update comes with a refreshed design, improved connection rules, and a new Kill Switch feature.

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