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Avira Antivirus 2020 Version 7.0.2 Fixes Multiple Problems!

Avira Antivirus for Android is one of the most popular antivirus applications of the moment.

Avira made its name with its computer antivirus software that was reliable, affordable, and heavily distributed over various channels.

The company made a smart move by moving part of their efforts to the mobile market, as it’s a continuously expandable one.

With their knowledge and experience, it’s safe to say that they did an excellent job with the mobile app.

The app receives occasional updates, and we are here to talk about the latest one.

Current Version

The app reached version 7.0.2. Here’s what the patch notes say:

“We constantly improve the security, stability, and speed of our products to give you the best experience in the market.

This new version includes:

– NEW: Updated user interface and added a new dashboard with Smart Scan

– Stability and performance improvements

– Bug Fixes

We listen to your feedback to make Avira better for you. Rate us!

All the best,

Your Avira Team”

As you can see, the Avira developers have worked hard to improve the experience and keep it reliable and dependable.

With each new update, the experience gets more refined, stable, and the antivirus becomes more efficient. Avira is an Android app, so it’s meant to run on hundreds of millions of devices, which means that occasional bugs are likely to appear. Therefore, regular updates are a must.

We advise keeping Avira Antivirus updated at all times to benefit from maximum performance and optimal virus protection.

We suggest that you update the app from official and certified sources like Google Play. Installing it from third-party sources could result in contracting malware or viruses, which would be hilarious, as you are trying to install/update an antivirus.



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