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Back Up and Restore Games From Epic Games Store: Find out How to Do it

Epic Games Store has games such as Fortnite, which is almost 35GB in size, meaning that downloading a game as big as this will consume a lot of time and, of course, bandwidth. 

But not only Fortnite is like that. GTA V, for instance, which was availabe for free, is around 60GB, and downloading it on more devices will also consume a lot of resources and time.

Here is one of the most useful methods to back up and restore games from Epic Games Store to multiple devices with ease. Using this method, you’ll be able to move all your game data without consuming lots of resources.

Back up the Game

Epic Games Store installs a game in a specific location (depending on your settings). By default, the game might end up in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite, for instance. 

Go to that folder, right-click on it, and select copy. Now, paste the content to the desired folder. If you plan to restore the game to an external PC, copy the content to an external hard disk and check to have the required free storage. 

Install Games On a New Computer

Download and install Epic Games Store on your new computer. If it’s already installed, open the app and log in using your details. Now, find the library, select any game you want, and choose a new folder to install the game.

As soon as the download starts, wait a couple of minutes to finish the initialization process. When the installing window pops out, cancel the download and close Epic Games Store. 

Now, access the new Fortnite folder, for example, created by Epic Games, copy the file, and if prompted, click on copy, and replace the version. This option will delete the already existing data and replace them with the back-up you have made. 

Once the copying process is over, open Epic Games Store and click on the resume. At this point, it will begin scanning the files and check the authenticity of your game. The best part is that if some file are missing, Epic Game will automatically download and replace them with the corrupted files. 

By keeping the back up on external storage devices, you can install your favorite game on multiple devices. Remember that this method will work only for Epic Games Store’s games. 



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