Bandcamp 2.3.1 Update Adds Support For Chromecast Streaming

We live in the age of digital streaming as several services compete in an attempt to attract more users and generate revenue for themselves and for the artists who opt to license their content through them.

Bandcamp is an artist-oriented streaming service that allows users to support their favorite artists in a more substantial way while also offering the main features that have made streaming services a hit in recent years. Find new and bold artists, enjoy full albums, and enjoy high-quality music easily.

Flexible pricing

With Bandcamp there is no need to pay a monthly fee to enjoy the music made by your favorite artists. It is easy to purchase and enjoy individual songs and albums at great prices. Some artists offer their songs for free, and you can pay what you want to show some appreciation or support.

Artists also have the option to offer a subscription service that offer access to new songs and shows or premium content that can be enjoyed in exchange for a moderate fee. Subscriptions are a great way to support artists in the long run and gain access to fresh content as soon as it is available.

Lots of features

Users can stream purchased albums and songs across a wide selection of compatible devices without the need to pay several times for the same songs. It is also easy to download songs if you want to play them while offline, so you can enjoy your music even when you don’t have access to an internet connection.

Follow favorite artists to learn more bout their latest release. A personalized discovery feed will feature content from followed artists and fans, so you can find the latest update easily. It is also exciting to create your own music collection and share it with other fans!

The 2.3.1 update comes with support for streaming on Chromecast-compatible devices.


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