Best 2 Alternatives for Apple Mail – Microsoft Outlook vs. Gmail?

The Apple Mail app for iPhone is not really that great, and we think most people can agree with us. The company always tried to make it better, by improving and adding more functions, with every iOS update. It is suitable for the normal consumers, but if you want more than that, you might want to start thinking about finding a replacement. All the alternatives are getting better and better every day, and you do not need to settle for the default apps.

Most of the users choose the default mail app for iOS, but if you want something even more powerful, you came to the right place.

We have written this article to give you the best two alternatives for Apple Mail for iPhone. Perhaps one of them represents a better choice for you. These are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

Microsoft Outlook

If you usually use Calendar and Email, then this is the best option for you. The app comes with amazing design and animations, which make the experience a pleasant one. It comes with support for most of the email providers on the market. It also has a dark mode, and it definitely looks prettier than Apple Mail.

The app offers a “focused inbox” option. It organizes the most relevant emails, and puts the remaining mail in the “other inbox.”

Focused Inbox is the best feature for those who get a lot of marketing and social media junk mails. Outlook has a built-in calendar. You can add their events from Facebook and your meetups in no time and the process is very easy. You can add a sports calendar, as well, from NBA, Cricket TV showtimes – right inside the app. It also has an iOS widget and shortcuts for writing a new e-mail.

Of course, it is integrated with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.


Here we are dealing with a total design makeover, which went according to the Material Theme 2.0 guidelines. All the sections and the menus have rounded corners, and the themes are white.

With Gmail, you can switch between accounts in no time. Use the hamburger menu for that. Also, swipe up and down on the profile icon in the search bar. It will take you less time.

This app puts your emails in categories: Social, Ads, promotions. It’s quite helpful when it comes to storage. Google had added AI when they went for the Smart Replay and Smart Compose. Of course, Smart Replay suggests replays for an email in the app – it’s quite good for when you want to replay one mail shortly. Smart Compose gives you words when you type a new email. However, make sure you double-check the mail before you actually hit the send button.

The app does not come with dark more or the Face ID option. It also lacks the iOS widget support for those emails that you haven’t read yet.

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