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Best 6 Ink Cartridges on the Market Right Now

Be it for your home or your office, an ink cartridge is not easy to use. It depends on the printer and the volume of pages that you want to print. We have written this article to give you the best six choices when it comes to ink cartridges.


This comes with the best printer ink cartridges made for HP photosmart printers. This is good, because it also works with HP 3522 Deskjet and the HP 4620 Deskjet printers. It’s prevalent in the English market. It offers 800 pages per black cartridge and more than 750 pages for the color cartridge.

It’s very easy to both install and use, and the quality of the ink is fantastic. Every package comes with magenta two, four black cyan, two yellow cartridges. It comes with a two-year warranty, and it guarantees quality and coverage reliability.

Pros: the printing process is high speed, and it’s suitable for all types of paper. Cons: it makes a rather annoying sound.


This one works with all Epson XP printers from the XP-330 to XP-446 series. When you buy this one, you need to keep in mind the production process and how many pages it can print. This one can print 550 black pages and 450 color pages. This one is perfect for a small office – one that doesn’t need printing every day.

It comes with five colors – monochrome, black, magenta, yellow and cyan. Each of the cartridges is packed separately, which means that you can change colors whenever you want. It is ISO-9001 certified, so you don’t have to worry about money and quality.

Pros: the customer reviews are excellent, and the ink cartridge is all about quality. Cons: you may encounter some problems in two years after the first use.


This one is an excellent replacement kit that works for your HP printer. Is also affordable. It works with the HP Office. Pro series.

We are talking about the 8100,8610,8615,8629 and 8600 models. You can also use it for the HP 251DW and 27 6W models. When it comes to color, there are three pieces of black, cyan, yellow, and magenta.

The printer is quite big, but you don’t have to worry when it comes to packages. You have to choose between 3 packs, and every cartridge has a new gen of printing chips, and the results are amazing.

Pros: it’s best for companies, and the quality is to die for. Cons: the price is not low.

EPSON XL t127120

The features come with smart valve tech, which offers some of the finest inks on the market. The team behind the product also has a chip under construction, which alerts you when your printer has little ink remained. This way, you’ll always know when to replace the cartridge.

It can be used in three packages – XL, multiple packs, and the standard one. It really depends on how much you print and what size you prefer.

Pros: the use of this product comes as very economical, and you don’t need much equipment to make it work. Also, it won’t block. Cons: at times, the printing inkjet is uneven.

HP 63 original

If you want that’s best, and you also have the money, this one is the best you can get. It is an HP product, and it is compatible with the HP Deskjet printers, models from 1112 to 3637. If you want, it’s also good to go for the HP series from 4521 to 4524.

This one comes with 190 pages per cartridge. You need to keep in mind the computer speaker (because it will use it), and the original HP real ink.

Pros: the color is uniform, and the material protects the environment. Cons: it comes with limited support.


If you have a Canon printer, then you really need this one. It is compatible with the Canon Pixma MG Series. However, you can also use them of the specific MX Canon printers, such as MX922 and MX 722. It has a 500 black and 300 color pages output, and it’s perfect for homes. The pack with 14 ink cartridges lasts up to 2 months.

Pros: you don’t have to pay any fees, and it prints even. Cons: there’s not much inventory.



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